Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chillispot configuration for OpenWRT for FON

As you know in the last days I flashed a La Fonera with OpenWRT (Kamikaze). Currently I am working on a proper configuration for chillispot, to make it possible to add FON support (FON AP) to every device running OpenWRT.

Configuration is simple, but the problem is, that the /etc/chilli.conf of an original La Fonera contains a line like:

uamserver https://login.fon.com/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/cp/index.php

The XXX... is a string of numbers and letters. This string is created by /usr/sbin/chilli_radconfig. Stefan told me that chilli_radconfig fetches the configuration file somehow from FON. One of the parameters for it is the MAC address of the WIFI device.

I'll keep you up to date on any progress.

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anton said...

hi there Michael . i have 3 custom fon routers ( 1 linux pc and 2 wrt54G with dd-wrt) and in chilli.conf uam server I put only https://login.fon.com/cp/index.php
All 3 are working smoothly.