Friday, December 29, 2006


After receiving my second La Fonera I was brave enough to flash OpenWRT Kamikaze. The used HOWTO described it very well and it worked without problems.

Now my first La Fonera serves a FON hotspot and my private (bridged) LAN. The second La Fonera is connected to my privat LAN via WPA over the first La Fonera. Now I can play with OpenWRT (Kamikaze) on my second La Fonera.

The described method uses the RedBoot shell. I don't know exactly how RedBoot works and wonder if it is possible to rescue the La Fonera in any case (wrong flashing, wrong configuration, ...). If anyone knows, please tell.


Maximilian Michel said...


could you tell, how did you connect your second fonera to the first one via wireless interface?
Whenever I try to connect it to the first access point (iwconfig ath1 mode Repeater/Managed), I get something like
>>> requested command is not supported.
So I guess they compiled the module for use with Master mode only, but how did you get around it?


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