Friday, December 22, 2006

ipkg of the La Fonera broken?

Before christmas a new post. There are some issues with the ikpg system of the La Fonera. You can use repositories like this, this and this. I installed successfully e.g. the wol (Wake On Lan) package with ipkg install wol after adding one of the repositories above. But after executing ipkg remove wol it took too long, so I hit Ctrl-C. ipkg started to delete the /usr/bin/ directory. There is something wrong with the ipkg version of the La Fonera. USE IT WITH CAUTION! I will try to investigate this issue.

Hmm, it tried to install and remove a package again - without a flaw. Last night I did it, and the /usr/bin was partly deleted. The difference between the two cases: Last night I was a little bit impatient and hit Ctrl-C.

So my advice, keep it running and be patient. :)


Johannes said...

When my fonera died, I did not abort (CTRL-C) ipkg. Ipkg just died with a segmentation fault, and the whole /usr/bin directory was cleared. I tried to scp, but that didn't help. Also all Freddy's recover hints did not help.

Anonymous said...

mine fonera died too.
ipkg had a segmentation fault.

I've recovered it by a serial cable. said...

So, I do not really imagine this is likely to have success.