Friday, November 24, 2006

New Fonera Firmware v0.7.1 rev 1

As you can read on the german blog FON released a new firmware for the La Fonera. It's too bad they are not releasing the source along with it. I postet a comment on the blog, but it needs further aproval.

Among other things the changelog says:
"[Web interface] Corrected bug that caused a security problem when using strange characters on the forms."
We will see if FON fixed the holes to get into the blackbox.

Btw, yesterday we (Stefan and me) had a short meeting with Florian Forster in Cologne. He contacted us a few days after releasing our hack and is responsible for marketing in Germany. In the next days I will post a little bit about it. Here is a picture of his business card (of course some informations are disguised).


ego, cornelius... said...

Just a note: Saying "the la fonera" is incorrect: redundant. the = la, so the correct way to say it (give the title "hacking the la fonera") would be:
a) Hacking la Fonera
b) Hacking the Fonera

You don't say "the la mona lisa" or "the la gioconda", you say either the mona lisa or la mona lisa, it's the same logic with the fonera.

Michael said...

Indeed it is correct, but FON is advertising it as "La Fonera". The device itself is called "La Fonera".